The Ultra-classical Patek Philippe Split-seconds Chronograph Replica Watch Ref.5370P

April 12, 2017

In the panoply of Patek Philippe complications, the split-seconds chronograph is true royalty. Launched today at Baselworld 2015, an exquisite new example, PP Split-seconds Chronograph Replica Ref. 5370, continues an haute horlogerie story that stretches back to 1923.

Patek Philippe split-seconds chronograph ref 5370 replica

Patek Philippe split-seconds chronograph ref 5370 replica

For that is what Patek Philippe Split-seconds Chronograph reference 5370 copy watch , a gorgeous split-seconds chronograph in a sleekly curving case and with a dial in inkiest black enamel, undoubtedly is. It’s one of the most beautiful watches of Baselworld 2015, the cover watch for our new issue (out today!) and will have collectors frothing right around the world.

This watch is the other side of the Calatrava Pilot coin. Patek, who undoubtedly knew they were taking a risk with the Pilot, decided to release this ultra-classical chronograph at the same time, to mitigate any perception of Patek going ‘off-brand’.Case in point is the ‘other’ big novelty of the year, a watch that is pure Patek – the Ref.5370P Patek Philippe  split-seconds chronograph copy watch.

The case is modern at 41mm, but not too large. And of course it’s made from platinum (hence the ‘P’ in the reference). But the real beauty is in the details, like the concave bezel and recessed inner case band with a satin finish, and white gold cabochons at the tip of each lug. Everything about this watch, the case, the dial, the pushers and (most definitely) that movement are of the highest quality, in keeping with the maison’s finest traditions.

In short, the case quite complicated for something that looks so pure and simple. The pushers and crown only add to the story, the oval chronograph pushers add a sporty touch, and the turban style main crown with integrated split-seconds button manages to be large without being overpowering.

Though you don’t need me to tell you that, all you need to do is look at the movement. The in-house CHR 29-535 PS is a beautiful piece of engineering. Speaking of the chronograph it’s worth pointing out just what a split-seconds chronograph is. Essentially it allows you to time lap and intermediate times without interrupting having to stop and start the chronograph. Patek have been making best PP split-second replica wristwatches since 1923, so they know what they’re doing by now.

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