The Swiss Replica Rolex Recent History

April 1, 2016

The Rolex SA is a Swiss company that produces wristwatches.
Founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-Alfred Davis.
Hans was a German orologiao and not Swiss as many might
think. Wilsdorf & Davis founded the first and only later
in 1908 registered the Rolex brand, the origin of this name is still
unknown, are many assumptions are made of the most disparate, but in reality
no one knows the true meaning of this acronym.
The “W & D” at the beginning is only sought to be imported from Switzerland
England mechanisms produced by Hermann Aegler, who later
He became a partner of the company. After a few years, W & D, namely in
In 1912 he moved to England, but soon after as a result of customs duties
to pay excessively high, and with the outbreak of the First World War
so a German in England was not frowned upon, he returned to
Switzerland settling in Geneva, but also opening branches in the rest of the world
such as North America, Asia and Australia. But it was only in November
1915 that the Rolex brand is recorded officially, because it is said that
Wilsdorf wanted something easy to pronounce in any language and try to make
to become the most popular watch among men, who used
ones pocket, leaving the women ones wrist.
In 1919, finally comes the Rolex Watches Company, which replaces the
W & D, later we know that will change even name to Montres
Rolex SA.


The historical symbol of Swiss Rolex Replica , however, the classic crown with three points, was
introduced in 1925.
According to some historical documents, the company of Hans Wilsdorf property and
the Aegler family, could not be traded on the stock market and
Rolex has remained true to these traditions.
Rolex has become a brand so important for being the first
company in watchmaking to bring numerous innovations such as:

The first waterproof Top Replica Rolex Datejust Watches;
The first with date;
The first with the time zone;
The first certified chronometers.

This last feature has launched the Olympus brand of Best Fake Rolex Datejust watches, holding still the record for the largest number of mechanisms are in place certificates.

Another important innovation was the introduction of the quartz movement where the Rolex participated attivamnte accellerarne for the development and counter the increasingly fierce competition of the Japanese.

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