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May 2, 2018

That means that by the front of the watch looking at the caseback that you find a dim reflection and no view of your sickly arm hair. From the rear of the watch, you can see right through to the other side. So compare this steel “Translucent Back” variant of the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid using the first version that has the totally clear sapphire crystal caseback that I went hands with here. And yes, this “upgraded” version costs a little more, of course. Approximately $2,000. It does look a little steep following the original version in steel was released less than a year before.The Arnold & Son Time Pyramid watch initially came out in 2013, and in 2014 I reviewed the 18k rose gold edition of the Time Pyramid on aBlogtoWatch here. This is still one of my favorite watches made by Arnold & Son nowadays due to its unique design, attractively symmetrical movement, and fantastic wrist presence. The circumstance is 44.6mm wide (water resistant to only 30 meters) and made using a crown o’clock as a result of the design of this movement. Additionally, it gives the event a more streamlined look thanks to the symmetry you receive with the crown position.
This guide is the 5th or 6th time that I’ve written concerning the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid, so for regular readers, my apologies for repeating myself. With these sexy images of this Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Steel Translucent I could not help but dive to the watch again. Along with the advantage of the especially coloured sapphire crystal caseback on this model, I think that the same approach can (and should) be used on additional skeletonized dial and motion watches. It really becomes a real issue to inhibit the beauty of a completely skeletonized design with the fact that if people wear these watches that they don’t really want to stare at their very own skin through the dial.Inside the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid is the brand’s in-house-made caliber A&S1615 manually wound mechanical motion I continue to love. It isn’t just the motion is intended to appear cool – though it is – but rather the motion has some intriguing mechanical characteristics to boot. As an example, the dual power reserve indicators are part of a system which uses 2 mainspring barrels for a quasi-constant induce mechanism. The idea is that a primary mainspring barrel is used until it largely melts. At the stage, the energy coming from it’s too unreliable to power the equipment train for accurate timekeeping.

Skeletonizing a wristwatch is no easy feat. And it’s doubly hard for an ultra-thin motion, largely because the motion is already so thin that eliminating any more material is bound to affect structural rigidity. As a result, the A&S8200 calibre from the Arnold & Son UTTE Skeleton watch needed to be completely redesigned and re-engineered. The outcome is that the A&S8220 calibre, which measures 3.3mm thick. The additional thickness, based on Arnold & Son, is imperative to guarantee rigidity since they hunted to skeletonized the movement. However, let us face it, 3.3mm for a tourbillon movement with two barrels and a power reserve of 90 hours is badly impressive.The new A&S8220 calibre boasts a few significant revisions. As an example, the main plate has been heavily modified to show as much as you can of their inner workings. But maybe what is most visible to owners is the tourbillon cage has been completely reworked to show off more of the mechanism while keeping the three-dimensional layout that has become a signature of this earlier Arnold & Son UTTE watch. Additionally, the tourbillon cage is relatively large when compared with the movement. This means it’s the single most dominating element of the dialup, and on top of that is the fact that the crate is totally hand-polished and chamfered, making it a real visual treat for owners.And as you would anticipate, the A&S8220 calibre is also treated to the best haute horlogerie completing: The main plate and bridges have been constructed using nickel silver and finished with C?tes de Genève rayonnantes; The borders will also be polished and chamfered; The steel parts, components, and ratchets are satin-finished using their edges polished and chamfered; The screws have bevelled and polished heads, and ultimately, the jewels are put in polished countersinks; exploring of the period is performed off a sapphire disk with printed numerals at 12 o’clock; The hour and minute hands are golden and feature white lacquered tips.

  • At 12 o’clock is a day/night index for both GMT time and home time, using fitting skeletonized and stuffed hands to tell them apart. The bottom half of this indicator is darkened, which assists the visual representation of the “night” part of the disk. I really do want the Arnold & Son logo had been located elsewhere however, as its place interrupting the moments monitor at 12 o’clock can make exact time-setting difficult. Another niggling issue I discovered was that the second hand counterweight closely emulates the appearance of the home time hands, which may sometimes cause a moment of confusion when you glance down and see three hands pointing at the dial. In an perfect world, I would have loved to observe that the moment hands on each dial stretched only a tad further to correctly get to the minute track, along with the hour palms shortened a tad to not overlap the hour markers, but this is a little aesthetic qualm which doesn’t affect utility.On the opposite side of the Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton, the base plate of the manufacture bore A&S1309 is revealed. The movement is made from nickel silver (also called German silver or Maillechort, an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc) which has been rhodium-plated and embellished using C?tes de Genève. The wheels are satin-finished and supply a contrasting three dimensional texture to the base plate, and involving the chamfered edges of the bridges, the gold gear train can be viewed. The movement is hand wound of course, which leads to its thinness at a mere 3.9mm. It includes 42 jewels and offers a 40 hour power reserve while the twin balances oscillate at 21,600vph, or 3Hz. That is undoubtedly a highly elegant motion, but in contrast to the thickness of detail given by this skeletonized dial, the reverse side of the movement almost feels like a letdown.

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    Brand Arnold & Son
    Model True Moon
    Ref. No. 1TMS.U03A
    Chrono24-ID 4r3151
    Code WSOTR00762
    Movement Automatic
    Case material Steel
    Bracelet material Crocodile skin
    Condition 2 (fine)
      With box
      With papers
    Location United States of America, Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Price $8,600
    Availability Available now


    Movement Automatic


    Case material Steel
    Case diameter 46 mm
    Dial Blue


    Bracelet material Crocodile skin
    Bracelet color Blue



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    Arnold & Son Steel True Moon Sku: Wsotr00762

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