Swiss Made Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver Automatic Watch Replica

October 3, 2016

Their mens replica Deep Blue Master Explorer automatic diver is rated for whole 1000 meters, which makes it suitable for just about any submersion that you can accomplish without the use of heavy gear.

Available in at least four enamel burst dial colors (yellow, black, orange and, of course, blue,) the new Deep Blue Master Explorer comes in an unremarkable, but rugged-looking stainless steel case. By the way, calling the case ‘unremarkable’, I am using the adjective in a positive way: it is as ‘unremarkable’ as your average Rolex or Omega, the American watchmaker doesn’t try to attract your attention with a cantina-style winding crown guard or some other contraption that looks outrageous, but lacks actual meaning. This ‘unremarkable’ case is sober and ergonomic and seems to do its job efficiently. It is especially nice to see that -while the great majority of professional-grade divers are usually issued in deliberately dull, rugged look- this new collection features a bunch of bright colors and can in fact be worn with more or less casual outfit: you don’t really need heavy boots to match one of these oversized beauties.

Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver watch

Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver watch

With its case measuring 46 millimeters in diameter and whole 17 millimeters in height, the watch is just too big and heavy to feel comfortable on a surface. It is simply designed to be worn with a neoprene wet suit, not with a white shirt.Like most tool watches rated for such bone-crushing depths, the best quality fake Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver watch is not usable as an everyday timekeeper that you could wear with casual dress (well, at least if you are not a maniac.)

As you can see on the photos, the watch is equipped with a traditional rotating bezel. Its 60-minute diver’s scale is stamped and painted with naturally-colored Superluminova: a thing you will not often see on a diver of this price range.

Another useful feature of the new Master Explorer is, of course, its helium-release valve. Designed to prevent the timekeeper’s sapphire crystal popping out during decompression, the valve is conveniently placed between 10 and 11 o’clock on the left side of the satin-finished stainless steel body.

Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver watch replica

Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000M Diver watch replica

Some people may be slightly disappointed that the timekeeper is equipped with a solid screw-down case back.

Designed to compete against the Swiss made ETA 2824, the movement is robust and reliable, but it certainly won’t blow you away with an unprecedented level of decoration.

So far, the watch is available only on a massive stainless steel bracelet and is priced at $600 (shipping not included.)

However, there is nothing really to lament about, since the watch is equipped with a standard Miyota caliber 9015 automatic movement (we have already seen the engine in the discount fake Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000 Diver that was released this summer.)

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