Steel Case Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275 Replica Watch For Sale

January 7, 2017

The Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275 replica watch, a commemorative Patek Philippe watch that celebrates the manufacture’s 175th anniversary, is presented in a classic tonneau shaped Platinum case.

The watch pays tribute to the Ref. 3969 with a jumping digital hour which was launched in 1989 on the occasion of Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary. It also illustrates how much the manufacture’s technical prowess and expertise have progressed during the past 25 years. The Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275 is being crafted in a limited anniversary edition of 175 pieces. This horology marvel, which combines three jumping indications with an acoustic indication at the top of every hour, incorporates four patented mechanisms.A closer look at the Chiming Jump Hour reveals that the seconds hand jumps from one scale marker to the next in one-second steps. Otherwise, everything remains unhurried on the gold dial with the floral motif. But as soon as the seconds hand reaches the 60, the minute hand also jumps from one minute marker to the next. And finally, once an hour, the digital display in the aperture at 12 o’clock jumps to the new hour precisely at the same moment when the seconds and minute hands advance. A soft tone can be heard at this moment: the Chiming Jump Hour indicates the top of each hour acoustically as well.

Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275 replica watch

Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275 replica watch

In conventional mechanical Patek Philippe copy watches, the hands move continuously in step with the balance. In most watches, it oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 or 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour, corresponding to 6 or 8 oscillations per second. With every semi-oscillation, the balance allows the escape wheel to rotate by one tooth, and this motion is transferred to the hands by the going train. The hands move forward incrementally. The seconds hand makes this cadence apparent, but the stepwise motion of the minute and hour hands is barely discernible.Jumping time indications are complications characterized by a high level of mechanical complexity.

It bears the engraved inscription “PATEK PHILIPPE1839 – 2014” as well as an engraved Calatrava cross in the middle.

The Chiming Jump Hour also has a balance, and it performs 8 semi-oscillations per second. However, the energy is not directly transferred to the seconds hand. Instead, it is accumulated in a storage mechanism that only releases it to the fourth wheel when the eighth semioscillation takes place. Analogously, the power stored during a time interval of 60 seconds must be delivered to the minute hand instantaneously, and the same process occurs after 60 minutes when the digital hour display needs to be advanced as well. This particular moment involves a handicap: an hour disk is heavier than an hour hand and thus needs more power to move. But even more energy is needed, since a small hammer strikes a gong at the top of every hour. This aptly illustrates that a watch with three jumping indications plus an hour strike is a remarkable accomplishment in energy management. The Swiss-made fake Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour Ref. 5275 is worn on a shiny black alligator strap secured with a platinum fold-over clasp.

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