Speaking With The Roes Gold Patek Philippe 10-Day Tourbillon 5101R Replica Watch

November 17, 2016

Modern Patek Philippe 10-Day Tourbillon 5101R replica watches are robust enough to compensate for a reasonable amount of movement without straying from precise time.

Patek Philippe 5101R 10 Days Tourbillon watch replica

Patek Philippe 5101R 10 Days Tourbillon watch replica

They say if you’ve got it flaunt it, but when you have reached a certain position in life, you don’t need to flaunt it, and it’s then that you are ready for the likes of the Patek Philippe 5101R 10 Days Tourbillon. A quick glance at the dial will show you what’s missing. It’s the tourbillon. You have paid out all that money for a fancy tourbillon with all its whirring wheels and steadily ticking cogs, but it simply isn’t there. In fact the only glimpse of it to be had is through the sapphire crystal on the caseback.

That’s not an excuse to go playing the drums at a rock concert, but more than anything, you are really paying for the delight of watching the tourbillon go about its work


The tourbillon is generally considered to be the ultimate complication as it compensates for the effect of gravity on the watch mechanics. The reality is the amount of difference is hardly noticeable.


The only indication of a tourbillon on the dial of the 18k gold Patek Philippe 5101R 10 Days Tourbillon is the actual word ‘Tourbillon’ in the small seconds dial at 6 0’clock. But let nothing take away from the fact that this is a magnificent and high quality Patek Philippe 10-Day Tourbillon copy watch. The watch has a massive power reserve of ten days when the manually wound calibre 28-20/222 mechanical tourbillon based movement is fully wound and charged. A coupling system with a slipping bridle spring on the first mainspring barrel prevents overtightening of the mainspring and blocking of the spring barrels when fully wound.

To fully wind the watch requires approximately 100 turns of the crown, half a turn is already enough to provide an hour of stored power. The screwed sapphire-crystal case back reveals the meticulously decorated plate and bridges, the intricate tourbillon, and the jewels held in gold chatons. The Patek Philippe 5101R 10-Day Tourbillon with the rose gold case is worn on a hand-stitched, large scaled alligator strap with a matching rose gold buckle.

Patek Philippe 5101R 10 Days Tourbillon watch replica

Patek Philippe 5101R 10 Days Tourbillon watch replica

To achieve a ten day power reserve Patek Philippe inserted two barrels to store the energy. The introduction of the ten day power reserve in 2000 started a chain reaction of other manufactures producing four, six and eight day power reserves. Patek Philippe 5150R, can run accurately for 240 hours when fully wound. The advantage is it can easily be left off the wrist for a week without having to be corrected.

The anatomically curved stepped gold rose gold casing lends a 1920s or 1930s opulence to the watch, but at 51.7mm x 29.mm it’s designed to cover the wrist with a lot more watch than real 1930s art deco Patek Philippe copy watches.

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