The Shogun Seiko SBDC007 Titanium Replica Watch Review

July 28, 2016

After so many years in Seiko SBDC007 Titanium replica watch manufacturing industry it’s not a surprise that Japanese Seiko produces excellent watches.

It is very accurate and usually it’s implemented in Seiko’s most expensive watches, but sometimes it founds the way to models such as Shogun.This time we’re going to present you an excellent Seiko dive watch, named The Shogun and with spring drive movement.This type of movements is one of the best out there.


The bracelet has folding clasp with security lock.
The arrow marking 12h is split down the middle.The Shogun’s dial is clean, with luminous dots marking the hours, but arrows mark six, nine and twelve o’clock.
The rotating bezel has deep grooves so it’s easier to grip.
The hour hand is a huge arrowhead similar to the hand on Seiko Monster.The minute hand has a shape like a pencil.The second hand has a small luminous square on its tip.

Seiko engraves the tsunami logo on the backcase of its best fake Seiko SBDC007 dive watches and the Shogun is not an exception.The hardened titanium makes the surface harder to scratch or damage and above all it looks great.The case of Shogun is made of a special type of titanium which is hardened and named Dia-Shield.This is one of the reasons why the model costs a bit more than some of the similar models.

The problem is that Seiko is selling this model only in Japan.


Seiko Shogun price

The Shogun is not a cheap watch replica and its price is around $1,000.00 but with all features and quality it’s definitely worth.


Even you’re not fan of dive Seiko copy watches, you’ll definitively like the Shogun because it’s a good looking and high quality watch. If you don’t have experience with Seiko watches yet, it might be time for check them out, especially the Shogun.

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