Introducing The Mens Seiko Premier Velatura and Sportura Replica Watch

July 28, 2016

Kinetic is the Seiko’s name for a category of best replica Seiko Premier automatic watches that are different from standard quartz watches in that they do not require battery replacement .For 100 years of existence of the company, this year Seiko watches has produced special editions of Premier Velatura and Sportura .All three watches have a Seiko Kinetic mechanism, which characteristic is the energy created as a result of the action of the rotor used to run a generator that charges the battery, which is still mechanism as in every quartz watch replica .These models will be in production only until December this year, which makes them practically limited editions.These clocks, as stated above, generate electricity alone which is then used for their operation .

best fake Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive 100th Anniversary model – a modern classic

Seiko Premier Sportura Velatura 02

Seiko Premier watch replica with reference number SRG012, powered by Kinetic Direct Drive Caliber 5D22 .In this way, the watch replica is wound and increased its reserve forces to be displayed in the display placed at the position ” 9h ” .Declared water resistant of this model is 100m.Recommended retail price in Europe is 700.00 EURTo protect the dial, which is blue , is set sapphire glass .The dial fits perfectly with the blue belt made of calf leather.The case is made of stainless steel and coated with a black layer, with dimensions of diameter of 41.5 mm and a height of 11.86 mm .This model not only supplied rotor when starting hands , but it can be done and during winding crown .

Top qualtiy fake Seiko Sportura Kinetic Perpetual 100th Anniversary watch replica – sleepe beauty that measures the exact time

Seiko Premier Sportura Velatura 03

If the watch replica is not worn more than 24 hours, it automatically enters into standby mode (sleep mode).At the moment you move it back and take in hand, the watch replica automatically adjusts the time and other information on its dial .This means that it stops to move hands, but it continues to work .Model Seiko Sportura, reference number SNO064, with a perpetual calendar function which can accurately work without any tweaking until February 2100.Each kinetic caliber is wound by running your hands, but the mechanism of this model, labeled as 7D48, with perpetual calendar has one specific characteristic.
Declared water resistance is 100m, and the watch replica has sapphire glass .In this model also dominates blue color, as on the dial, and the leather strap.Stainless steel is coated with hard coating in the pink gold color , and the crown is highlighted in blue.Case diameter of this model is 44.4 mm, while its height is 12.75 mm.Recommended retail price in Europe is 800.00 EUR .

Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase watch replica 100th Anniversary – for lovers of the open sea.

Seiko Premier Sportura Velatura 04

Seiko Velatura watch replica collection was created in 2007 and is intended for mariners and all lovers of the sea.

This Seiko Velatura model has the reference number SRX010 and it is powered by kinetic caliber 5D88 . Sapphire glass is “framed” in a steel case that has a hard protective coating in pink gold color Crown and dial are in blue color, as well as leather belt made of calf leather. Dimensions of the case are a little bit higher than in the previous two models, the diameter is 46.3 mm, height 12.67 mm , and its declared water resistance is 100m.

Recommended retail price for SEIKO Velatura SRX010 in Europe is 970.00 EUR.

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