Round Skeleton Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Replica Pocket Watch Ref. 5304R-001

April 4, 2017

Patek Philippe 5304R-001 Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Day Month 43mm Skeleton Rose Gold Leather Automatic Replica Watch

From research and development to quality control, Patek Philippe follows time-honored watchmaking traditions to make their fine skeleton Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Replica timepieces ready to be handed off from generation to generation. The watchmaker has an R&D department for both the manufacturing of the movement and the design and production of the exterior of the watch. It begins with striking a balance between classicism and modernity in design to achieve a timeless aesthetic.

 Grand Complications Patek Philippe 5304R-001 replica

Grand Complications Patek Philippe 5304R-001 replica

Patek is one of a few Swiss watchmakers that manufactures its round Grand complication Patek Philippe replica watches and all of the component parts that go into them. It takes 1,200 to 1,500 individual steps for the skilled watchmakers at the Patek Philippe manufacture to create a single movement. All of the edges of the exterior of the timepiece are polished with a beechwood disc using traditional techniques that have been handed down from generations of watchmakers since the company’s inception in 1839. They employ around 200 highly skilled professional watchmakers to assemble their movements by hand, imbuing the process with their unmatched expertise.

Before they release their wristwatches into the world, they go through stringent testing to ensure their quality and integrity. Rate accuracy, water resistance, winding function integrity, power reserve and appearance are all tested in-house, with one timepiece running for over 1,200 hours before leaving the workshop. This ensures that the final product will look and behave in a manner befitting the legacy of Patek Philippe copy watch.

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