Roger Dubuis – A tribute to Mr Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Free Shipping

February 18, 2018

He established his company in 1995, setting the benchmark very high by insisting that the company’s entire production be certified in accordance with the strict requirements of the Poinçon de Genève, or Geneva Hallmark. After ten years running the brand, Roger Dubuis left to continue his passion for watchmaking, only to return in 2011 as an official brand ambassador. In the meantime, the Richemont Group had acquired a 60% controlling interest in the company, which would continue to develop by following the disruptive philosophy of its founder.

The links between Mr Roger Dubuis Watch Box Replica and the brand he created are indelible. A special flying tourbillon model was created in tribute to him in 2014 and, on a recent visit to the company headquarters in Meyrin, its current CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué pointed out the ever-present watchful eye of Mr Dubuis in the form of a huge portrait photo watching over activities at the company.
I have seen Emmy-award winners much less enthusiastic than the Cost Of Roger Dubuis Watches Replica team has been in the recent past — and it’s not only me, I’m convinced: if you should devote any time, no matter how short, chatting with them about their enormous new partnership, you could tell something super exciting, “a new chapter” as they call it, was going to start… And now, at last, begin it did, with the announcement of Roger Dubuis becoming official associate of Lamborghini. A brand new evolution of such size naturally brings with it new watches and, what is better, today a new caliber as well! Input the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S and its own Duotor movement.As the launch event is still occurring today and tomorrow, we’ll prepare a hands-on look in the two versions of this Excalibur Aventador S once we have sufficient images and adventures to discuss, but we need to, by all means, do a quick run-down on what this new partnership implies, how it’s going to unfold, and also check out the fundamentals of the 2 watches as well — though, again, in the time of writing this I am still excited about viewing and interrogate them up close.The (slightly confusing) fact of the matter is the announcement really said Lamborghini Squadra Corse as Roger Dubuis’ partner, which is Lamborghini’s motorsport division, while the watches are named following the flagship “raging bull” street car model of the time, the Aventador S. This happened for a variety of reasons which soon won’t matter one bit, as Roger Dubuis’ venture with Lamborghini is a properly thorough one that will include all of Lamborghini, not just its motorsports branch.

It was only in 2016 that Richemont took over Roger Dubuis Sports Activity Watch Just For Friends Replica completely, acquiring the remaining 40% of the company from Akram Aljord, CEO of the independent Swiss watch brand Hysek. The acquisition gave the company a solid foundation to continue in the spirit of its founder, who will be sorely missed by the industry.

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