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February 18, 2018

Perpetually on the lookout for original technical developments and unusual aesthetic options, Roger Dubuis Chronograph Watch Replica has acquired a reputation as an avant-garde Manufacture. The annual unveiling of world premieres from its ever-busy innovation pipeline represents the almost ‘organic’ result of its ongoing investments in Research & Development.

The revolutionary use in watchmaking of carbon, which is twice as light as brass, is the embodiment of Roger Dubuis’ fundamental belief in the disruptive nature of innovation.
This is entirely in sync with a recent series of partnerships signed by the brand with the automotive industry, where carbon is commonly used in the very high-end racing cars that were the inspiration for these futuristic timepieces.

As Roger Dubuis Strategic Product Director, Gregory Bruttin explains: «The 50% difference in weight enabled by this choice of material means a 50% increase in power reserve,raising it to 90 hours for the Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon 509SQ. In this revolutionary model, the chassis is represented by the baseplate and bridge; the car grid by the classic honeycomb structure; and the car body by the case; while the tourbillon would be the engine component ». True to the design codes of its emblematic Excalibur line, the latter takes the skeleton theme to the next level by skeletonizing the movement as well as the case, flange and hands.

This is the first time however that the Manufacture has allied this iconic concept with its best-selling 820SQ calibre. The development team has masterfully ensured all the stellar transparency expected from a Roger Dubuis skeleton movement. This approach is exemplified in the World Premiere Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon, powered by Calibre 509SQ; and the robust 45mm skeleton case of the Excalibur Spider Carbon Automatic Skeleton with its Calibre 820SQ, featuring black DLC titanium elements offset by contrasting red touches.

The motion within is the grade RD105SQ. For example, the skeletonized bridges are NAC coated so they look dark grey, and they are completed with circular-graining. The caliber RD105SQ is made up 366 components. It defeats at 3Hz, and owners can expect an energy reserve of about 52 hours, which can be very decent considering it’s only one mainspring driving two fast-spinning tourbillons.Watches like these are usually divisive, but the colour scheme of the specific Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Dual Flying Tourbillon is rather attractive to me personally. This specific version of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Double Flying Tourbillon watch is limited to just 28 bits and the price is $267,000. That is not sufficient for an Aventador, but you may have the ability to acquire a Huracán should you go easy on the options.Roger Dubuis has been on a spree of material innovation recently. A few weeks before, I looked in the Excalibur Carbon Spider Watch that had the first movement to feature substantial use of carbon – especially, the motion plate, bridges, and tourbillon upper cage were performed in carbon. We also got to go hands-on with this view, the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor Cobalt MicroMelt which is the very first watch in the world to incorporate a situation constructed entirely out of something known as cobalt chrome — a high-strength alloy that serves as a suitable background for the watch’s impressive aerodynamic design balance.Roger Dubuis introduced the first Excalibur Quatuor model back in 2013, and they were already experimenting with substances on the watch, offering a acoustic version in a limited edition of 3 watches every priced at a staggering $1,000,000. What was visually impressive then stays as such – check out the video over their four accounts in action.

Excalibur Spider Carbon

Excalibur Spider Carbon Automatic Skeleton © Roger Dubuis

Such an amazing technical feat, further complicated by the skeletonised nature of the calibre, is enabled by the particularly rigid nature of carbon that results in less vibrations and enhanced precision. Both models are issued as 88-piece limited editions

Excalibur Spider Carbon

Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon © Roger Dubuis

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