Reviewing The Platinum Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5960P Replica Watch

December 30, 2016

At Patek Philippe, announcements of totally new Patek Philippe Ref. 5960P Annual Calendar Chronograph replica watch models are typically years apart. But the company places all the more emphasis on keeping its existing collections up to date with continuous refinements.

A genuine manufacture chronograph movement combined with Patek Philippe’s legendary Annual Calendar was exactly what the market had been waiting for. As a matter of fact, the Annual Calendar chronograph instantly became one of the manufacture’s most sought-after models. The 2006 debut platinum model with the charcoal gray dial received a sibling in 2009: a rose gold version with a dark silvery gray dial. And now, the collection is being expanded by a second platinum model with a matt blue sunburst dial.Launched in 2006, the Ref. 5960P Annual Calendar chronograph was endowed with the first regularly produced chronograph movement developed from the bottom up by Patek Philippe and crafted entirely in-house from the movement blank to the finished caliber. It is a very modern self-winding movement with a nearly wear-free vertical clutch.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5960P replica watch

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5960P replica watch

Aficionados and collectors of rare timepieces appreciate the fact that their high quality Patek Philippe Ref. 5960P copy watches remain desirable rarities even if they are not part of an expressly limited edition. Thus, the new 2010 version of the Annual Calendar chronograph differs in subtle ways from its predecessors. Because of this ongoing care, the success stories of the individual timepiece families have been particularly enduring: the Calatrava since 1932, the Golden Ellipse since 1968, the Nautilus since 1976, etc. Slight modifications, such as new dials or case materials, not only add fresh touches to collections but also limit the number of watches in a given series.

The underlying idea is that rotary motions are more straightforward and easier to control than the reciprocating movements of levers. In actual fact, Patek Philippe’s annual calendar mechanisms have a proven 15-year track record for above average functionality and reliability. The manufacture’s patented Annual Calendar is a full calendar that automatically distinguishes months with 30 and 31 days and, if kept running, only needs to be manually corrected once a year on the first day of March. It shows the day of the week, the date, and the month, and it has an am/pm indicator.The Ref. 5960P unites a mechanical flyback chronograph and an Annual Calendar, two of the most popular complications in timekeeping. The calendar mechanism is based on a patent granted to Patek Philippe in 1996 for the Annual Calendar – it relies on wheels and pinions rather than the more common levers to control the calendar displays.

The chronograph module of the new Ref. 5960P is just as modern. It relies on the traditional columnwheel construction for controlling the start, stop, and reset commands, but instead of a lever for a horizontal wheel clutch, it actuates the clamp of a vertical disk clutch. This solution is extremely dependable and eliminates the risk of hand bounce in either direction when the chronograph is switched on, because no wheels are abruptly engaged. Since the disk clutch is virtually wear-free, the chronograph hand can be used as a running seconds hand without hesitation. This mode of operation has no negative effect on the rate accuracy of the movement. This is why the Ref. 5960P, contrary to most chronographs, has no seconds subdial.

Eight slender applied hour markers in white gold, eleven luminescent dots, and the crisp transferprinted scale produce the clarity needed for instant legibility of the dial. The tips of the leaf-shaped hour and minute hands extend nearly all the way to the hour and minute markers, and the end of the chronograph hand skims the fractionally graduated seconds scale.

Patek Philippe’s new Ref. 5960P Annual Calendar chronograph shows how important even seemingly small details really are in haute horlogerie, be they a minor modification in power transmission or subtle color variations in dial design. Sometimes, the consequences are striking and expressive. The new dial of the Patek Philippe replica watch is a case in point.

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