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Review The Vintage Steel Patek Philippe Amagnetic Ref.3417 Replica Watches

Vintage Steel Patek Philippe Amagnetic Ref.3417 Replica

This fresh-to-the-market Patek Philippe Amagnetic Ref.3417 replica watch is from the first series, which was only produced for two years featuring the caliber 12”’400. In 1960, the model was fitted with the upgraded caliber 27-AM 400 until the end of its production run.

Patek Philippe Amagnetic Ref 3417 replica watch

With the exotic word “Amagnetic” prominently featured on the dial at 12 o’clock, the vintage Patek Philippe Ref. 3417 copy watch is a special watch, adored by collectors around the world. Only available in stainless steel, the model remained in production for roughly ten years before it was discontinued in the late 1960s. Patek Philippe’s first series-produced anti- magnetic wristwatch, the 3417 was introduced in 1958.

Patek Philippe Amagnetic Ref.3417 copy watch


The movement is shielded from magnetism with a so -iron inner case, designed to resist magnetic elds up to 450 oersteds. Its inner caseback is engraved with the matching case number that is original to this particular example. By necessity, the case is oversized, and designed for maximum robustness with a screwdown, water-resistant caseback. Even movement components, including the critical anchor found in the escapement are made of solid gold – a precious metal that is una ected by magnetism.

Patek Philippe Amagnetic Ref 3417 copy watches

A number of features make steel fake Patek Philippe vintage anti-magnetic wristwatches highly coveted. The present example features an unrestored dial and the original certificate with its matching envelope, rarities in their own right.