Review the Rectangular Shape Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days with Day & Date Replica Watch Ref.5200G

April 24, 2017

For 2013, a technically beautiful new version of the Patek Philippe Ref. 5200 Gondolo replica watch arrives with the Swiss brand’s lovely (deep breath) in-house made caliber 28-20 REC 8J IRM C J manually wound movement that incorporates a lot of the modern bells and whistles aficionados are looking for in a high-end watch from Patek Philippe replica.

Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days with Day & Date replica

Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days with Day & Date replica

The new ref. 5200G (the G refers to its white gold case) is part of the Gondolo collection and features an 8-Days manually wound movement with a day and date indicator.

The unique looking rectangular case has thick flanks that give it a larger, more substantial, yet classy appearance.  The Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days with Day & Date copy watch for 2013 will come in two versions – each in 18k white gold. One sports a metallic blue dial, and the other (my favorite) has a white dial with those amazing black oxidized hands and hour numerals first seen by us on the 2011 Patek Philippe 5270 (which remains my own personal Patek Philippe grail watch). Size wise it is 32.4mm wide by 46.9mm tall. On the wrist it looks lovely for a watch of this shape as the white gold is fluidly polished.

The new caliber 28-20 REC 8J PS IRM C J features the Spiromax balance spring and Pulsomax escapement and it is Patek’s first 4-hertz movement with these silicon-based materials. The Pulsomax escapement with a Silinvar lever and escape wheel requires no lubrication and yet is practically friction-free, which saves energy each time the lever contacts the escape wheel. And that is something that happens 5.53 million times during the eight days of power reserve. Additionally, the extremely hard, totally antimagnetic and corrosion-resistant Silinvar material is two-thirds lighter than steel, which further optimizes the energy balance. Depending on the angle, the balance spring, lever, and escape wheel can be recognized by their purple-to-bluish hue in the lower right corner of the rectangular movement, which beautifully fits the rectangular case.

Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days with Day & Date copy watch

Patek Philippe Gondolo 8 Days with Day & Date copy watch

Launched in 1993, this collection was named after the “Chronometro Gondolo” rectangular Patek Philippe Gondolo copy watches that Patek Philippe designed for the renowned Brazilian retailer Gondolo & Labouriau in the early 1900’s. Just look at the side of the new 5200G’s case and you’ll immediately recognize the Art Deco influences. The Gondolo collection finds its inspiration in Art Deco and offers less common case shapes, like tonneau, rectangular, square and cushion shaped cases.

An 8-Day power reserve indicator is placed at the upper half of the dial and the instantaneous day and date indications are positioned at the lower half of the dial. The small seconds hand is integrated into the date circle, which also includes an aperture for the day of the week.

The faceted white-gold hour markers are mirror-polished for the blue dial and blackened for the silvery opaline dial. The faceted Dauphine-style hour and minute hands in white gold are either mirror-polished or matt-blackened to match the hour markers. The date hand with the red tip and the hands for the subsidiary seconds and power-reserve indicator are finished in white lacquer to contrast against the blue dial, and blackened to contrast against the silvery white dial. Surrounding the dial (whether blue or opaline) is a white perimeter with a black railway-track minute scale.

The calendar mechanism is a so-called instantaneous calendar, meaning that both the day and the date change within three milliseconds at midnight. The calendar mechanism costs roughly two days of the initial 10 days power reserve. And even with the addition of the instantaneous calendar mechanism, the beautifully finished movement measures just 5.05 mm in height, just like the movement of the mens Patek Philippe Ref. 5200 replica.

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