The Redesigned Patek Philippe Nautilus 5800 Replica Watch Review

February 28, 2017

As said, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5800 replica watch is the modern edition of the previous ref. 3800 – which was in the collection from 1981 until 2006.

While up until now we’ve been looking at the 3 icons of the modern Nautilus collection (5711, 5712 and 5980), another watch was part of the 30th anniversary collection, the renewed mid-size Nautilus, a.k.a reference 5800. It was the successor of the long-lasting reference 3800. The concept is the same as it used to be in the past: a watch extremely close to the “steel jumbo” in design, proportions and finishing, just with a smaller case, to answer the demand of some collectors with a smaller wrist, or those looking at something more understated. Utterly Nautilus in the design, yet as interesting as the 5711, the Nautilus mid-size 5800 is providing a slightly different feel on the wrist.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5800 replica

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5800 replica

This gives an approximate diameter of 35.0mm (from 10 to 4), thus an already respectable size, however easy on the wrist and usable by most. No surprise, the case is water resistant to 120m. However, what is remarkable here is that Patek chose to keep the monobloc construction, with the sapphire caseback integrated into the central container (and not screwed on top of it), meaning that the movement was still mounted by the dial side.

It follows the same evolution done by the 5711, with more modern touches here and there, improved mechanics but still the same overall design, inspired by the iconic 3700. The mid-size Nautilus, with this 5800, has grown a bit, going from 37.5mm on the 3800 to 38.4mm on the 2006 edition (measured from hinge to hinge, compared to the 43mm of the jumbo 5711).

This watch was only available on bracelet, with the iconic blue dial, and is now discontinued. Unlike the 3800, which had been a huge success and had a long career (1981-2006), this modern mid-size PP Nautilus 5800 replica watch was probably not as popular amongst masculine collectors, who were looking for something larger (the trend for large watches was clearly established in 2006) and favored the 5711 instead. It has not been replaced since. The only 3-hand Nautilus for men in the collection is the 5711/1A.

The design and execution goes in line with the rest of the 2006 collection: curved hinges, larger crown, flat central links on the bracelet, bolder hands and indexes, slightly more “electric” blue for the gradient dial, deeper grooves, a 3-hand display (which was already the case on the 3800)… So to say, a reduced 5711. One Next to each other, these two differ only by from diameters and movements. The rest is almost equal.

This movement however boasts the usual high-end finish of the manufacture, with Geneva Seal engraved on the bridges. This movement is quite thin (not as thin as the 324 SC though) with 3.5mm thickness, which allows the 5800 to measure 7.85mm.

Mechanically, the Swiss-made fake Patek Philippe Nautilus mid-size 5800 still relies on an older version of the ultra-thin, central rotor movement of Patek, the in-house Calibre 330 SC, with a 3Hz frequency.

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