Promotion: The Swiss Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph Copy Watch For Sale

January 19, 2017

Unveiled in early November 2009 during the reopening of Patek Philippe’s showroom in Paris, the Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph replica watch wrote a new chapter in the Geneva based watch manufacture’s longstanding commitment to ladies’ timepieces.

Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph watch replica

Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph watch replica

Down to the very last detail, the CH 29-535 PS is a perfect example of what compliance with the criteria of the Patek Philippe Seal means. In the development phase, its engineers focused on exemplary user convenience, giving top priority to functionality and long-term reliability. The engineers spared no effort to minimize the size of the highly complex movement, which has a height of only 5.35 millimeters and a diameter of 29.6 millimeters. In the course of the development process, every movement part was submitted to the Comité de surveillance (Supervisory Authority) of the Patek Philippe Seal to make sure all components comply with the manufacture’s exceptionally strict technical and aesthetic specifications. The idea behind the ingenious shapes and configuration of the bridges is to minimize friction and maximize energy transmission efficiency from the mainspring barrel to the escapement in the interest of amplitude stability and rate accuracy.

Firstly, this is the first Patek Philippe wrist chronograph to celebrate its debut as a model for ladies. Secondly, and most importantly, this is the first timepiece to equip with the first hand-wound chronograph movement developed and crafted entirely in-house giving a further manifestation of the manufacture’s independence and spirit of innovation.

The elegant Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph copy watch is not a usual ladies watch; rather it comes with some new incredible milestones for the manufacture.

The caliber engineers examined all of the essential components of the chronograph mechanism and embarked on the quest for new solutions that would improve precision, reliability, longevity, and convenience. Even though the CH 29-535 PS movement is based on the classic architecture of column-wheel control and a geared clutch system, it is a brilliant masterpiece that unites six patented innovations – each one is a manifestation of the workshops’ inventive spirit. Their focus always remained on functionality and user-friendliness as stipulated by the principles of horological artistry and by the Swiss-made fake Patek Philippe Seal.

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