Luxury Rose Gold Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175R Copy Watch

December 9, 2016


The real icing on this illustrious birthday cake and the most technically complex Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175R replica watch (ever?) was the Patek Philippe GrandMaster Chime, a timepiece so lavishly created and bristling with so many individual complications that one side of the watch was never going to be sufficient to show those which rely on visuals – never mind those which perform their particular functions hidden from sight – to be displayed.


The GrandMaster Chime packs in no fewer than twenty complications inside a gold case, every millimetre of which has been hand engraved to a point somewhere beyond elaborate, featuring a laurel wreath motif around the bezels and employing multiple engraving disciplines to decorate the case, and which can be reversed to display one side with its array of functions or the other, depending on your whim.

Patek Philippe GrandMaster Chime replica watch

Patek Philippe GrandMaster Chime replica watch

Finally there is a weekday display at the 9 and right in the centre of the dial, the year is shown through a gold-edged aperture. This Calendar Dial probably offers all of the functionality one would need from their timepiece, and in white enamel, is a token of modesty in comparison to the opulence of the case engravings.

Such an occasion surely justifies pushing the boat out a little more than on any other anniversary, and so Patek used the opportunity to reveal a number of pieces, each one of which would be a showstopper in its own right.

With one side of the rose gold fake Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime watch dedicated exclusively to a perpetual calendar, four subdials display the time in twenty-four hours and minutes on a display which features numerals and a minutes track at the 12, next to that, at the 3 o’clock position sits the month display and then at the 6 the sweeping date (which is the only feature to appear on both sides) is shared with a leap year indicator.

Inside the Patek Philippe GrandMaster Chime Calibre GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM manual winding movement features no fewer than a staggering 1366 components including 108 jewels.

Of course the occasion of the legendary brand’s 175th anniversary would always be a special one, and for the legions of devotees of the world’s undisputed Number One Patek Philippe copy watch brand around the globe, Patek Philippe made sure it would be one they would not forget, whether they were in attendance or thousands of miles away.

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