The Luxury Patek Philippe Complication Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Copy Watches Ref.3450

May 16, 2017

Patek Phillips is delighted to present this exceptionally rare and highly important white gold Patek Philippe Complication Perpetual Calendar replica 3450 with original certificate and fitted presentation box. This watch was last seen on the market in 1993 in New York. The case is still retaining its original factory proportions, faceted lugs, smooth bezel with very crisp edges. The dial is in immaculate state of preservation and there are no flaws at all to this incredibly rare reference 3450 cased in white gold. To match the incredible rarity is the presence of the certificate of origin, a rarity in itself for any complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch.Originally purchased at the Patek Philippe salon in Geneva, the watch was manufactured in 1985 and it has been retained in remarkably sharp, crisp condition with two extremely sharp hallmarks to the side of the case.

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar moon phase replica watch

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar moon phase replica watch

There exist an exception to the production of the 3450 and a microscopic quantity of cases other than yellow gold were produced. In fact, there are only two other case metals of the reference 3450 are known to exist and they are both cased in white gold, which includes the present watch. According to scholarship, they are the present watch, numbered 1’119’799 and 1’119’729, which was sold at auction in New York, October 1989.

The mens fake Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase 3450 watch was first introduced to the market in 1981 and was a successor of the reference 3448. The 3450 differs from the 3448 by the modified leap year indication at 4 o’clock on the dial. The first generation was fitted with a simple red disc and Arabic numerals, the second with Roman indication, a total of 244 examples of the reference 3450 were made, most of which, in yellow gold cases.

The present white gold reference 3450 is not only an extremely rare in terms of its case metal and function but also in regards to its history and condition. Consequently the watch presents itself in an incredibly beautiful, crisp and as close to factory finish as possible. The manufacture name, mechanical complexity, rarity, condition and provenance makes it one of the most important, beautiful, desirable and valuable discoveries to the world of Patek Philippe watch collecting.

Up close details of the incredibly crisp hallmarks to the sides of the case, the factory finish to the lugs, band and the smooth bezel. In glorious detail the immaculate dial which is an incredible ivory colour with leap year indicator. Reference 3450 was first introduced to the market in 1981, with a slight upgrade in the movement from its beloved predecessor, reference 3448. Ultimately, both references were discontinued in 1985 after the launch of the reference 3940. The basis for the calibre 27-460 QB movement is Patek Philippe’s 27-460 automatic movement first introduced in 1962. The upgrade in the movement, Quantiem Bissextile, includes the leap year function.

Wristwatches by Patek Philippe with calendar and perpetual calendar indication have been in production since the 1920s but for half a century never featured a leap year indication. The first known Patek Philippe wristwatch that did feature this leap year indication was a reference 3448 made in 1970 but then later upgraded following a request of a senior director at the firm at 1975. The second known watch with this indication for leap year was a unique reference 3563 that was manufactured in 1981 and is now on view in the Patek Philippe Museum.

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar copy watches

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar copy watches

Detail of the movement that is extremely well preserved. Inside the case back there are no traces of any watchmakers interventions and given the extraordinary condition of the movement we conclude that is has never been dismantled or worked on since leaving the Patek Philippe’s workshops in 1985. The present example is arguably the best to hit the market ever, accompanied by the original presentation box and certificate. If ever one was looking for the perfect example of a Patek Philippe ref. 3450 copy watch, look no further.

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