The Luxury 18k Rose Gold Patek Philippe Grande Sonnerie Chronograph Watch Replica

November 16, 2016

A Patek Philippe grande sonnerie replica is a watch that features a minute repeater but is also able to strike the time in passing. In grande sonnerie mode, it strikes the hours and the quarters at each quarter; and in petite sonnerie mode, it strikes just the quarters. In both modes, it strikes the hours upon the hours.  Behold, just launched for Patek’s anniversary, the reference 5171 — a grande sonnerie watch that surpassed even our loftiest expectations, in terms of the sheer imaginativeness, functionalism and beauty of its execution, and is moreover in a single watch a combination of all major striking complications as well as an unprecedented date striking complication –all in a reversible case allowing either the ‘time side’ or ‘calendar side’ displays to be shown at will.

Patek Philippe grande sonnerie watch replica

Patek Philippe grande sonnerie watch replica

This type of luxury fake Patek Philippe watch has been notably absent from Patek Philippe’s repertoire of horological achievements — an absence that is particularly conspicuous since the brand is often considered to make the world’s best-sounding striking watches.

So what’s so amazing about this grande sonnerie? First of all it features three gongs and three hammers and strikes the quarters on a beautiful combination of three notes, creating a thrilling sonic aria that alternates with each quarter. Grande, petite or silent mode is selected with a switch integrated into the left side of the case. The two other pushers on the left side operate the watch’s second time zone, while the aperture next to the central pinion turns from blue to white to delineate day or night hours in the second time zone.

Before you get all excited, hang on, because Patek is producing only six of these with a seventh for their museum — each pegged with the price tag of CHF 2.5 million. And in all likelihood, they will only go to the most significant Patek collectors on the planet.

And the recurring theme rising to the forefront of the collective Patek devotee’s imagination was that of a grande sonnerie.

Leading up to mens replica Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, speculation and anticipation were running wild in watch enthusiast circles around the globe.

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