How to Clean The Best Quality Replica Ball Mechanical Watches

August 14, 2016

If you want to clean mechanical replica watch, this would be pretty hard. Cleaning requires precision tools and experience in watchmaking, so you better leave it to some professional watch replica maker.Learn how to clean it with watchmaker’s tools and after that, you will be able to clean actual watch replica that need to be cleaned.

But if you insist to clean your watch replica by yourself, then you should take some short online course to learn how to do that. For begining, you need to buy some cheap mechanical watch replica and you should practice with it.

Things you’ll need

Case blade

Precision screwdrivers

Two or three 18-egg egg cartons

Watch remover/grabber


Precision tongs

Shot glasses

Naphtha, the base ingredient of lighter fluid


Magnifying glass/jeweler’s loupe

Lint-free paper

Cleaning mechanical watches instructions

– Get a backcase and place it on your palm. With other hand, rotate the back-case until it’s loosened from the case.

– Open back-case of your swiss made watch replica by wedging the case blade into the seam of the back case . Push the case blade up or down, but do it gently. After that, the back-case will be opened.

– Rotate crown, which is the slotted knob at three o’clock, and find the stopper on the mainspring. The mainspring is rolled, thin thread of metal tucked inside in a barrel. You will need to use screwdriver to lift the stopper and while doing this, you need to hold the crown in place. Free the stopper from the mainspring.

– After that, you will need to unscrew two or three or four little screws that fasten the movement to the case. To do this, use screwdriver that fits. Remove it from case, and after that, you have free movement from the case.


– Now you need to unfasten the hour wheel from the middle of the movement. For this, use pincette or tweezers. Use screwdrivers to unfasten flat metal bridge that covers the mainspring. Also, with screwdrivers you will unfasten the balance wheel when the bridge is removed. Now, you will see seven and 25 little gemstones or jewels in tiny holes. These gemstones serve as lubricant points. Remove them with the pincette.

– Soak all parts in glasses filled with Naphtha, but you need not to soak mainspring and dial. Use toothbrush to scrub these soaked parts. You have separated parts in holes in egg carton so you soak all parts separately. Dry all parts after scrubbing.

– Put all loose parts into separate places in the egg carton.

– Get a jeweler’s loupe and see if there are some damage on parts. Replace parts if they are damaged.

– Place drop of oil in each jewel hole.

Tips and warnings

Buy watchmaker’s tools which has good quality. Cheap tools will damage some parts.

Never remove parts using force. You will break it.

– Put the watch replica grabber over the hands. Hour, minute and second hands must lay atop each other. Use grabber to lift each hand separately from the post. Remove screws with a screwdriver. Little screws fasten the remarkable copy watch face or dial, to the movement. You need to remove the dial.

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