Grand Complications Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Coffee Dial Platinum Replica Watches Ref.5073P

June 20, 2017

Swiss-made Patek Philippe replica ranks among the few manufactures that consummately master the orchestration of “cathedral” gongs – extra-long gongs which produce an inimitably voluminous and reverberant sound.

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar replica watch Ref.5073P

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar replica watch Ref.5073P

The minute repeater is considered to be the queen of the so-called Grand Complications. But even here, it is possible to push the envelope of excellence. Obviously, the key issue is to manufacture the many tiny components of the mechanism to the utmost of perfection, to fastidiously finish them, and to integrate the ensemble in the confines of a mens Grand complications Patek Philippe copy wristwatch movement. The second challenge is acoustic in nature: achieving full and vibrant sonority in the restricted volume of a timepiece worn on the wrist.

The acoustic principle of this extra length is self-explanatory: Long strings produce rich, long-lasting sounds that reverberate and carry clearly. But how can the tight space of a wristwatch case accommodate two gongs that wrap around the movement more than once’ The “cathedral” gongs must neither touch each other nor should their freely suspended blades contact the movement or the case. The only permissible contact is that of the tiny short-stroke hammers. Thus, with the self-winding caliber R 27 Q consisting of 467 individual parts, the Ref. 5073 offers striking evidence of the sublime artistry of those Patek Philippe specialists whose hands craft the mechanical marvels that count the hours, quarter- hours, and minutes with a melody of low-, high-, and high-low-pitched double chimes. The mellowness of this refrain is personally verified by the owners and presidents of the manufacture as guardians of its heritage: every completed watch is assessed by them before it is released for delivery.

Patek Philippe Grandes Complications perpetual calendar copy watch

Patek Philippe Grandes Complications perpetual calendar copy watch

Its latest minute repeater, the Ref. 5073 with cathedral gongs and a perpetual calendar, leaves connoisseurs speechless: not only due to its breathtaking sound quality, but also given the 103 baguette diamonds on its bezel and 55 further diamonds on the dial and clasp.

Given all the repeater wristwatches produced by Patek Philippe since 1916, the manufacture’s micromechanical virtuosity does not need to be further expounded. This leaves some space for details regarding the chimes produced by the new fake Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5073. Here, Patek Philippe opted for a construction that in 2001 attracted considerable attention when the Sky Moon Tourbillon was presented. It is the solution with “cathedral” gongs that are nearly twice as long as conventional ones.

The watch is delivered with a solid platinum case back and an interchangeable display back with a sapphire-crystal window that reveals the meticulous finissage of the movement. Highlights that immediately meet the eye are the lavishly guilloched 22K gold winding rotor and, beneath the gold-plated cap with the pierced Calatrava cross, the small centrifugal governor that controls the disciplined rhythm of the striking mechanism.  The directives of the Patek Philippe Seal explicitly specify that the art of haute horlogerie merits only the ultimate in gemsetting expertise.

The new Ref. 5073 Grand Complication is a Patek Philippe debut that benchmarks a significant trend in haute horlogerie. While the focus among women is shifting from the outward appearance of precious wristwatches to a greater appreciation of what is inside them, men with a penchant for complicated calibers are also beginning to attach greater importance to elements that adorn their micromechanical masterpieces.  The Swiss-made Patek Philippe Ref. 5073 replica watch is a fine case in point.

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