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Grand Complications Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Replicas Ref.2499

Patek Philippe 2499 replica watches

Best Swiss Patek Philippe’s mythical reference 2499 was introduced in 1951, a decade after the firm launched reference 1518, the world’s first Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph replica wristwatch made in series. The first generation reference 2499 left the firm’s workshops with Arabic numerals and a tachometer scale on the outer section of the dial. Although the newly introduced reference 2499 was an incredible evolution for the firm’s top-of-the-line model, it also kept various very important technical and aesthetical elements of its predecessor, notably the movement, the square pushers and most of the dial design.

Patek Philippe Grand complications replica watches

same condition, and with the same dial as it is fitted with today. Another noteworthy feature is the presence of a Patek Philippe Certificate of Origin, that given its style, could possibly date to 1980. Under the dial line, a seemingly mysterious abbreviation is specified as “O.s/fd jaune”, meaning “or sur fond jaune” (gold with yellow base). On top of its extraordinary rarity and beauty, this incredible wristwatch has also, thankfully, survived until today in excellent, original condition. The case displays very strong definition to the lugs, retains well-preserved hallmarks, and the dial does not show any signs of restoration. This is another remarkable element of this important piece, as yellow gold Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 copy watches is particularly sensitive to careless polishing, resulting in softer case definition, and hence losing much of its charisma.

Patek Philippe 2499 perpetual calendar chronographs copy watch

The most noteworthy element that was new to this flagship model was the case design, and in particular the lugs. Instead of being smoothly integrated into the case, like with reference 1518, they were now much more in the spirit of the 1950s. The lugs became a signature design element for most of Patek Philippe’s complicated watches to last over half a century, across numerous references and complications. Interestingly, Patek Philippe chose Vichet to make the brand new reference 2499, but then, shortly after, switch to Wenger. The Vichet cases are known to have more pronounced and elongated lugs than those produced by Wenger.Their design can be described as voluptuous and nearly baroque, as they were now prominent sculptures attached to the case and works of art in their own right.

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronographs copy watches

Those who were able to fulfill their dream consider themselves happy to own any of the firm’s landmark models with these complications. In terms of vintage references, the 2499 of any series is a once in a lifetime must have, but when a unique dial version becomes available, not to mention if it is a first series specimen, then we’re looking at an event of such rarity, that even the most demanding, and spoiled collectors should embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm. To many collectors of fine mechanical Patek Philippe replica wristwatches, it is a dream to one day own a perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch by Patek Philippe.