The Masculine ane Feminine Caress of Time – Harry Winston Automatic Fake Watch

July 21, 2016

Long confined to the fields of haute couture, theatre or show costumes, military parades and ornaments, feather art has in recent years gradually begun to lend a poetic touch to Harry Winston Feminine replica watch dials whose unique aesthetic offers an enchanting interpretation of time. While it is not the first artistic craft that watchmaking is adopting, it is definitely one of the rarest, since very few artisans have succeeded in safeguarding this expertise across successive eras. Feather working enjoyed its heyday in around 1860 to 1870 and peaked in the 20th century before dwindling to a far smaller scope. The war and various crises contributed to this loss of popularity, causing this subtle and marvellous art to become all but forgotten.


The Gentle Caress of Time -  Harry Winston Automatic Fake Watch

The Gentle Caress of Time – Harry Winston Automatic Fake Watch


Amid the great wave of artistic crafts that watchmaking has been showcasing for the past decade or so, models adorned with feathers are some of the most original. A front-runner in this domain, Harry Winston has indeed created an elegant Midnight Feathers collection that is interpreted according to the variety, colour and texture of the feathers chosen. Silver pheasant, tinted guinea fowl, duck or peacock feathers: the extremely diverse possibilities afford an infinite variety of matt, shiny, colourful or geometrical-effect arrangements. Harry Winston diamonds fake watch provides a remarkable illustration of this craft with the Midnight Feathers Automatic 42mm. To create the elegant dial of this men’s watch, the artisan selected the finest domestic goose feathers and assembled them under the magnifying glass so as to create cleverly alternating contrasts. The deceptive appearances of this Harry Winston automatic replica watch’s dial give the impression that this might almost be a subtle vetiver, cedarwood and bulrush marquetry. The artisan’s gestures are extremely precise and guided by a quest for harmony that calls for both technical mastery and artistic vision.

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