The Complicated White Gold Patek Philippe Skeleton Tourbillon 5180G Replica Watch

March 26, 2017

The Patek Philippe 5180G Skeleton Tourbillon replica is one of two skeleton watches that Patek Philippe makes, so when we get one in, we get really excited.

We’ve sold two 5180G models since 2010, but only one with its original bracelet. We sold that one at auction in Honk Kong, in May this year, and it did just under $100,000. This one’s on offer for only $120,000 and it’s available right now in our Private Sales Program. This one is in mint condition, and comes in the original box with its certificate. More importantly, it comes with a matching white gold bracelet. A skeleton Patek Philippe Tourbillon copy watch is a watch essentially lacking a dial, and skeletons have always been in high demand.

Skeleton Patek Philippe tourbillon 5180G replica

Skeleton Patek Philippe tourbillon 5180G replica

You can see the beautifully adorned movement and there’s just so much to look at in this watch, it’s hard to focus on the time.It houses the iconic Caliber 240, an automatic movement with 48 hours of power reserve. The diameter of the watch is 39mm but it looks like it wears larger. It’s really an exceptional and unusual watch, certainly a conversation starter.

It’s a phenomenal watch, especially on that bracelet. In my opinion Patek Philippe has one of the most elegant, well-engineered bracelets. This Patek Philippe copy watch has a bit of added wow factor because of the bright white gold on the gorgeous glittery bracelet.

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