Meet The Swiss Made Christophe Claret Soprano Replica Watch

August 13, 2016

Swiss Made Christophe Claret watch replica is known for producing watches with complex mechanisms and complications, such as the tourbillon or a minute repeater.More complex is the Clarion repeater, which produces three tones and can play simple melodies, which represents a quarter hours.

The model Soprano is the most complex watch replica of this manufacturer. In addition to 60-second tourbillon, there are “Charles X” bridges made of sapphire and a minute repeater with four tones, which mimics the tone from Westminster Palace.

It is believed that the minute repeater is one of the most difficult complications that can be implemented in a complex Christophe Claret copy watch’s mechanism. The minute repeater functions by two small hammers striking on two gongs, producing sound; one for hours and one for minutes, and a combination of quarter hours.

Christophe Claret goes a step further with the model Soprano, and minute repeater in this model can reproduce the sound of the famous Big Ben clock with Westminster Palace. Big Ben plays a complex melody which marks a quarter hour and it consists of four hammer and bell, which is applied for the model Soprano. The minute repeater is activated by pulling the slide buttons, located on the left side of the case.

The purpose of the minute repeater is to notify the owner of the exact time. This used to be a useful feature, when a watch replica was not visible. However, in today’s world the feature is all about prestige and uniqueness.


The mechanism itself is labeled as TRD98 and runs on 21,600 beats per hour, or 3 Hz. Its size is 27.6 x 46.4 x 8.45 mm. It consists of 450 components and 39 rubies. One of the main spring barrel provides a power reserve of 72 hours.

The case consists of three parts. The top and bottom parts are made of gold, while the central one is made of titanium. The reasons are practical. In fact, titanium is known for its excellent acoustics, which is of great importance for the minute repeater and the sound it produces.

Another unusual solution components are made of sapphire. Mens Fake Christophe Claret watch is a pioneer in this regard. In 1997. the mechanism of plates and bridges made of sapphire is introduced. Besides the practical aspects, sapphire elements allow a better view to the mechanism.

The case’s dimensions are 45 x 56.8 x 15.32 mm. Water-resistance is declared to 30 meters. Its strap is hand made from alligator skin.

Christophe Claret Soprano will be produced in two limited series of eight specimens. Recommended retail price, excluding taxes, amounts to 468.000,00 CHF.

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