Where Can I Buy First Look: Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. 79540 (with Pics, Specs & Price) Eta Movement Replica Watches

November 29, 2017

I was hooked on the Tudor Watches Cardiff Replica Pelagos LHD watch the first time I saw it in person. This review is going to be mostly quite positive because I only have a good deal of good things to say about this timepiece. If Tudor errs, I’m pleased to point out it, and regularly “assess” the brand when I believe its marketing or product design choices are not on par with what the storied brand deserves. When Tudor makes it right yet, they create something similar to the Pelagos LHD, that will be really a phenomenal contemporary diving sport watch.Let’s first talk a bit about the modern history of the Pelagos and how the Pelagos LHD fits into the Tudor Pelagos household, which includes a couple of models. Simply speaking, the Tudor Pelagos LHD is distinct from the “standard” Pelagos models in mostly shallow manners — but purposeful ways. In the event the normal Pelagos is the awesome, modern dive watch with a no-nonsense stance of functionality and design, then the Pelagos LHD is the slightly quirkier model for experienced fans that delivers all the exact same functionality and usefulness as the normal Pelagos, but with just a little more character.

Last year Tudor Watches 2018 Replica took the covers off its most affordable Black Bay variant, a compact 36mm model without an elapsed time diving bezel. Now that’s been enlarged, proportionately it has to be said, and turned into the Black Bay 41 that’s just as affordably priced.

The case is now 41mm in diameter, making it the same size as the Black Bay and even the new Black Bay Chrono. The 5mm extra it has over the Black Bay 36 is significant, giving it significantly greater presence on the wrist. Its size is magnified by the plain dial and smooth bezel.

Tudor Black Bay 41-2

Despite the current fad for smallish vintage watches, 36mm is too small for most men, though it worked well as a ladies’ watch with a military bent. So the Black Bay 41 is a strong proposition, especially since it’s been upsized correctly.

Tudor Black Bay 41-11

The dial and hands similarly resized to suit the new case. The snowflake hour hand, for instance, is longer, with a larger snowflake at its end.

Tudor Black Bay 41-8 Tudor Black Bay 41-10

All the key characteristics of the smaller model remain: glossy black dial with silver print, flat bezel, and the Oyster-esque case with polished bevels along the edges. The case is rated to 150m, with a screw-down case and back.

Tudor Black Bay 41-9

Inside is the still the ETA 2824, the movement found in Tudor’s entry-level models. Robust and economical, it’ll run reliably for a long, long time, but has the downside of a shortish 38-hour power reserve.

Tudor Black Bay 41-6

Like all of Tudor’s other retro style Heritage models, the Black Bay 41 is sold with either a steel bracelet or leather strap, both of which are accompanied by a spare fabric NATO-style strap woven with a grey camouflage pattern.

Tudor Black Bay 41-7 Tudor Black Bay 41-14 Tudor Black Bay 41-13

The steel bracelet is an Oyster-style affair, which is standard for Heritage watches with ETA movements; models powered by in-house movements get the riveted link bracelet as found on the second generation Black Bay.

Price and availability

The Black Bay 41 will be available starting April 2017, priced at just SFr100 over the 36mm model. That means it’ll cost SFr2500 (about US$2600) on a leather strap and SFr2800 (about US$2900) on a steel bracelet.

Addition March 25, 2017: Type of steel bracelet added.

Addition March 27, 2017: Photos updated.

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