Womens Blancpain Villeret Ultraplate Replica Watches

August 11, 2016

Best Quality Women Ultraplate Blancpain Replica Saint Valentin 2013 has a round case, made of steel with a diameter of 34 mm. Diamonds are set in two rows on corona, that certainly provides even more exclusive look. In addition to these, the diamonds are also located on the dial and have the purpose of the hour markers.

Blancpain has, traditionally, introduced a limited edition of watches designed for the ladies. This model with hearts on the dial, an obvious sign of love, was created in honor of Valentine’s Day. It can certainly be a solution to men who want to present something wonderful to their loved one.

The elegant Blancpain Villeret Ultraplate copy model has automatic mechanism, caliber 1150. Red hearts are not left out of the rotor mechanism, i.e. next to the manufacturers they represent additional decoration. As with the front, so the back also has set sapphire glass. The watch replica comes with a leather strap in white color.

As we mentioned, the most impressive detail in this model are red hearts on the dial. Also, five additional hearts are located on the opposite side of the case, arranged in the same way as on the dial. The hearts are made of red pottery, which was originally applied to the surface of a liquid mess, then under the influence of high temperature it turns into a solid form.

Had displaying seconds has the initials “JB” or the initials of the company founder (Jehan-Jacques Blancpain). Manufacturer’s logo occupies the central part of the dial, just below the “12h” position. In addition to the standard displaying of hours, minutes and seconds, this model has date indicator at position “3h”.

Best Fake Ultraplate Blancpain Saint Valentin 2013 is made in a limited edition of 99 pieces, and the exact model number is marked on the edge of the case (no xx/99). It comes in a white wooden box decorated with red hearts.

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