Best Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watch with Flawless Diamond Case Back

December 15, 2016

This particular Patek Philippe Replica watch sits pretty high atop the pantheon of special titanium Patek Philippes, since it is a time-only watch.  Most other titanium Pateks feature some other complication.

Patek Philippe Diamond Case Back replica watch

Patek Philippe Diamond Case Back replica watch

For the past 20 minutes or so, I’ve been trying to come up with an interesting way to start this post, something that speaks to the rarity and extravagance of this watch.  But, I can’t come up with anything.  So, I’ll just put it this way… During the Sotheby’s Important Watches auction in New York on June 10th, a unique, time-only titanium Patek Philippe with a 9.44-carat, D-color, internally flawless diamond case back will be auctioned off.

The Titanium Diamond Caseback Patek Philippe copy watch sold at the Sotheby’s New York Important Watches auction for a hammer price . Plus, you know, the whole diamond case back thing. In addition to it’s diamond case back, this Patek Philippe has a titanium case.  In fact, it’s part of the Patek PhilippeTitanium Collection, which is a group of extra-rare, titanium versions of already rare Pateks.   This Patek Philippe was made in 2003, sold on November 24th, 2004 and features an 18-jewel, manual winding, Calibre 177 movement underneath the opaline white dial and Breguet numerals.

Can you imagine, a diamond case back?  Ok, so it’s not really a diamond case back.  It’s a 9.44-carat, completely colorless and perfect diamond acting as the Patek Philippe’s movement display window.  Normally, that role is played by a synthetic sapphire crystal, but for this one-of-a-kind Officer-style Patek Philippe (reference 3928T-001), only a diamond will do.

So, as far as movement goes, this particular watch isn’t super special.  But, like I said, it’s the 9.44 carat diamond case back and titanium dial that gives Sotheby’s ample reason to estimate the value of this Patek Philippe somewhere between $300,000 and $500,000.  We’ll have to wait and see what this Swiss-made Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watch actually sells for next month.  Until then, check out the details below.  For more info visit Sotheby’s.

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