Best Swiss Oris Driving ProDiver Kittiwake Watch Replica For Men

October 4, 2016

The mens fake Oris ProDiver Kittiwake Limited Edition 1000M Diver is presented as a limited edition model that offers you a sturdy, chunky titanium case, as well as a black rubber strap or a titanium bracelet with a handy wet-suit extension to choose from.It is always sad when a ship, even a decommissioned one, goes under. However, for a ship, it is more honorable to meet its end on a seabed than to be sold as scrape metal to some third-world country.

Oris ProDiver Kittiwake watch replica

Oris ProDiver Kittiwake watch replica

If you are even slightly interested in diving (and if you are reading this article, you probably are,) then I bet that you have already heard in the beginning of the year the news about USS Kittiwake submarine rescue vessel that was sunk near Grand Cayman Island in order to form a new artificial reef.

Impressive 49 millimeters in diameter, the case implies that the piece was designed as atool watch, not some sporty accessory meant to be worn with gaudy Bermuda shorts and garish Hawaiian shirts. Of course, like it is almost always the case, the statement is rather pretentious: however rugged it looks, it is still primarily a fashion accessory (and rather expensive at that, see update below) not only because of its price, but also because the relatively soft titanium alloy that was used to build the watch is frighteningly easy to scratch while doing some real work underwater.

If I understood the Swiss brand’s press release correctly, the limited edition timekeeper is based on their current Oris ProDiver automatic diving copy watch.

Oris ProDiver Kittiwake watch replica

Oris ProDiver Kittiwake watch replica

The new Oris Kittiwake Limited Edition 1000M Diver pays the last respect to the ship.

Designed to withstand pressures up to 100 ATM (1000 meters,) the watch is equipped with a thick sapphire crystal on the front, as well as with a solid case-back cover that won’t let you admire the Oris 733 automatic caliber (it is based on the well-known Sellita SW200ebauche,) but has the logo of the Kittiwake artificial reef project with the monochrome picture of the USS Kittiwake.

This basically means that the steel Oris watch replica comes packed into a huge, multi-part case crafted from titanium and black rubber.

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